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With Disneyland opening to 25% capacity, these essentials will make for a COVID-safe Disney day at the parks.

Isabella Abalos, junior, and her Disneyland “essentials” that will accompany her when she returns to the park this Spring. On April 30, Disneyland re-opened at 25 percent capacity to any California resident longing to spend a day in the park once again.

Isabella Abalos

Isabella Abalos, junior, and her Disneyland “essentials” that will accompany her when she returns to the park this Spring. On April 30, Disneyland re-opened at 25 percent capacity to any California resident longing to spend a day in the park once again.

A year has passed since Disney fans from all over have been deeply deprived of the sweet smell of churros on Mainstreet and popcorn from Galaxy’s Edge. With Southern California now in the orange tier, Disneyland opened at 25 percent capacity on April 30 for California residents. If you are planning a trip to Disneyland mid-COVID, Lifestyle co-editors Melea Altermatt and Katie Kudron go over the best outfits and items to take to the amusement park with you this spring.   


Though it does not consistently rain in Southern California, a poncho would be a considerable item to pack for Disneyland that can serve multiple uses. Whether it happens to be drizzling at Disneyland the day you arrive or not, ponchos are best used for the notorious water rides at the park, such as Splash Mountain and California Adventure’s Grizzly River Run. Buy one at a local Target or at Disneyland, with a unique Disney emblem placed in the center of the poncho. 

Mickey Ears

There is nothing better than walking into the park sporting your favorite set of Disney ears atop your head, ready to seize the day! From homemade to bought directly at Disneyland, Disney ears reflect each and every person’s personality, and strutting into the park with your pair on is a must-do.

Disney Themed Attire

If dressing up extravagantly to match with your favorite Disney character isn’t for you, a cute Disney-themed shirt is the perfect way to showcase your love for the magical park. Disney sells many graphic t-shirts featuring beloved characters along with simple shirts, perfect for spring weather, like this Disney Spirit Jersey. You can also support small businesses during the pandemic by purchasing unique Disney apparel from Etsy shops. 

Comfortable Shoes

A day spent at Disneyland can get exhausting quickly with the wrong shoes. Going from ride to ride and park to park requires plenty of walking, so it’s important to wear shoes equipped for a long day of wandering around. A comfortable pair of running shoes might not be the most stylish option, but comfort prevails over fashion when it comes to a long day at Disneyland. 

Disposable Camera

What better way to remember your trip to Disneyland than taking a bunch of pictures on a disposable camera? Disposable cameras are a great way to capture magical moments at Disneyland, and you get to relive these moments when the pictures are printed. 

Hand Sanitizer

Even though Disneyland will only be opening up to 25% capacity, it’s important to be mindful of the pandemic. Hand sanitizer is essential for going to Disneyland to keep you and others clean, healthy, and free of covid. 


Masks, as we know them, are a daily staple, so why not be prepared when you head to Disneyland? Sellers across Etsy craft adorable Disney-themed masks that are perfect for wearing around the park. Buying these masks is also a great way to support small businesses and showcase your favorite characters. If printed masks are not your thing, wear a plain-colored mask with any outfit! 

Snacks and Water  

If you do not plan on spending extra money on Disneyland’s delicious snacks, bringing your own is highly recommended. The Wildcat would recommend healthy snacks that can hold you over on long days, such as granola bars, trail mix, fruit peels or gummies, nuts, and pretzels. Water is also a given when at the amusement park to keep hydration in your system throughout the day. 

Trading Pins

Trading pins are a huge part of Disneyland’s magic, as guests are able to buy pin packs available in the various stores located throughout the park. With these pins, guests approach storefronts around the park, asking to view their pinboards. There, guests can trade pins and search for ones with higher values to continue trading, resulting in taking home the pins you collect and continuing the trading on future trips back to the park. 

Autograph Booklet and Pen

With Disney princesses and characters roaming around the park, an autograph book and a pen are a must have to keep in your bag. Kids love meeting their favorite characters, and getting an autograph makes the Disney experience way more magical. 

Money for Disney Food 

One thing that food bloggers rave about is Disneyland’s variety of food options, ranging from the fan-favorite Mickey pretzel or iconic Disneyland popcorn to the more unique options of Pineapple Dole Whip and Blue & Green Milk from Galaxy’s Edge. To try out these phenomenal snacks and more, make sure to bring extra money to the park. 

Portable Charger 

The last thing you want while enjoying a day at Disneyland is a dead phone. Portable chargers are a great way to keep your phone’s charge up without missing a second of the Disney fun. These compact chargers won’t take up too much space in your bag and guarantee that your phone will be available to take pictures or check the Disney app for ride availability.

Hand Wipes

Some of the most coveted things of our COVID world today are versatile hand wipes. Whether cleansing your hands on the go or cleaning your seat on Space Mountain, hand wipes will come in handy for a day at Disneyland. Toss some Wet Wipes into your bag for a quick cleanse whenever. 

Sunscreen and Sunglasses 

As we approach summer, it’s heating up quickly in southern California, making sunscreen and sunglasses a necessity for a day at the park. Bring both in your bag to make sure you’re prepared for a sunny day at Disneyland!


California spring weather is pretty unpredictable, so bringing a zip-up or sweatshirt into the Disney park is always a good idea. Roll it up tightly and throw it into a bag for some extra warmth when needed. 

Personal Hygiene Items 

Make sure not to forget the little things when packing for Disneyland. When packing a bag, remember miscellaneous things like hair ties, chapstick, gum, or anything else you may need to be fully prepared for a magical day at Disneyland.