Going Green

Looking for ways to support Mother Nature by using more eco-friendly products? Here is what the Wildcat recommends when wanting to “go green”.


Alexis Alexander

Jumping Juniper shampoo bars are put on display at the Lush store in the Brea Mall.

As we pass Earth Day, we want to make sure that we are still taking care of our planet and making the most environmentally conscious decisions. Simply trading out non-recyclable products for ones that are biodegradable and sustainable, the Wildcat lifestyle co-editors Melea Altermatt and Katie Kudron have compiled a list of top-tiered products that will not only benefit the Earth through sustainability but are guaranteed to satisfy your personal needs when it comes to eco-friendly products. 

Thrifting has become a trendy activity many teenagers love to partake in, and it’s not just a fun way to shop for unique clothing, but a way to help our environment. Second-hand stores help reduce the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills which is incredibly helpful in reducing clothing waste. The fashion industry is already a big contributor to climate change and pollution, so repurposing old clothing can be an easy but impactful way to help our earth.   

The worlds’ first 100% compostable phone case, made by the brand Pela, focuses on creating a waste-free future. With 1.5 billion phone cases thrown away each year, Pela offers an innovative solution to this plastic problem. Made out of biodegradable and compostable resources, the phone cases come in a variety of colors, patterns, and even offer clear cases. The cases vary in price, starting at $39.95 and are available at their website and at retail stores like Target and Walmart.

Final’s mission is to create reusable straws (and other products) to reduce the use of plastic while encouraging individuals to be aware of the products they buy. Over the past couple of years, metal straws have gained popularity as it is an easy way to be more environmentally conscious. Offering two types of reusable straws, the Final Straw and the Biggie Straw, these straws are perfect for on-the-go use. The straws are collapsible and come in a compact case, ideal for carrying around. The straws and cases come in a variety of colors and are priced at $19.95.

Totally Bamboo specializes in bamboo kitchen tools and utensils to limit single-use plastic waste. Reusable utensils that can be easily taken anywhere help eliminate the enormous amounts of plastic disposable cutlery waste. Totally Bamboo offers a 3-piece utensil set composed of a fork, knife, and spoon for a small price of $5. Just like metal straws, these utensils are a small but easy way to reduce plastic waste!

The bottle that can keep cool or stay hot for hours. Hydro Flasks have been incredibly trendy over the years and the popularity continues through 2021. Hydro Flasks are a great alternative to disposable plastic water bottles, which negatively impact the environment when they decompose. Hydro Flask offers something for everyone, as the bottles come in many colors, with accessories such as boots and different colored lids.

Barefaced Beauty strives to provide cosmetic products that are vegan, animal-friendly, and free of harmful chemicals. The makeup is made of natural and sustainable ingredients and placed in only recycled or recyclable packaging. With many shades of lipsticks, foundations, lip gloss, and even mascara, these products are perfect to incorporate into your everyday makeup routine. 

While LUSH is known for its wide variety of bath bombs, the brand also offers best-selling bars of shampoo that are 100% free of palm oil. These bars of shampoo outlast 2-3 bottles of regular shampoo, along with being cruelty-free and vegan. Made with fresh ingredients like nori seaweed, lemon oil, and orange flower absolute, and other special ingredients, these bars of shampoo will give you perfect hair and help reduce waste with their zero-waste packaging. 

While Native sells a variety of products ranging from body wash to toothpaste, the brand is best known for its natural deodorant. Free of aluminum, these deodorants are made of natural ingredients, better for you and the environment. The brand even offers a plastic-free version of the deodorant, made from paperboard. With this purchase, a percentage is donated to help fight plastic pollution, further helping the planet.  

Cleancult provides sustainable cleaning products including soaps and cleaning tablets used in dishwashers and laundry. By using real ingredients and coconut-based formulas with zero-waste packaging, Cleancult strives to be clean from start to finish. The 32 Fl Oz Orange Zest scented All-Purpose Cleaner retails for $9.99 and is the perfect substitute for any other cleaner in your home.

Preserve product is made in the USA, is BPA-free, is 100% recyclable, and cruelty-free. From personal care items to food containers, Preserve uses recycled plastic to “transform yogurt cups into toothbrushes.” Similarly, the navy-colored Shave 5 Razor System Handle and Blade is made from recycled materials and will provide an exceptional shave for both men and women. 

With a wide range from biodegradable body washes to sea mineral sponges, Bathing Culture aims to serve the people and the planet first. This exceptional brand uses ingredients such as aloe vera, natural plant glycerin, and organic coconut oil in their products to allow customers to be ‘one with nature’. One of Bathing Culture’s best-sellers, the Mind and Body Wash, is deemed “a winner” for those who love the fresh scent of nature. With the 8 oz bottle, about 80 washes are guaranteed– a little goes a long way.

Unlike any other shoes that you are probably familiar with, Rothy’s shoes are responsible for repurposing millions of plastic bottles and creating fashionable flats in return. The Flat shoes, ranging in 17 various colors and prints, come in half and full sizes, retailing at $125.  Though this brand is on the pricier side, the shoes are sustainably crafted and machine washable, made durable for any activity. 

Reusable, durable, and non-toxic silicone bags are a great alternative to single-use Ziplock baggies, and Stasher specializes in just that. Made of pure platinum silicone, Stasher’s main goal is to provide eco-friendly products that prevent single-use plastic bags from entering oceans and landfills. The Reusable Silicone Bag by Stacher comes in a whopping 33 different color options and multiple sizes, making it easy to find the right option for you. 

Looking for an eco-friendly toothbrush? Package Free’s plant-based bamboo toothbrush specifically helps eliminate ocean plastic pollution and looks chic in the bathroom. Each toothbrush has a 100% compostable handle with unbelievably soft and recyclable bristles. This smaller-scaled item leaves a large impact on our world as Package Free strives to “make the world less trashy.”   

Most generic makeup wipes are made with non-biodegradable fibers, but Simple’s makeup wipes cannot say the same. Simple, the brand,  values kindness towards the skin, our planet, and animals, and they strive for excellence in the products they produce. Made with plant fibers and sustainable wood pulp, the Kind to Skin Compostable Cleansing Wipes can wipe off daily dirt buildup or some of the toughest types of make-up; waterproof mascara!  

If you haven’t already purchased some reusable bags, now would be a perfect time. Sold at grocery stores, local markets, and Amazon, durable canvas bags can be reused time and time again for shopping runs, trips to the beach, or as a cute and reusable tote.