10 Fall Trends on Wildcat Way


Kasia Alexander

Megan Swenson, senior, sports a versatile black messenger bag adorned with a Hello Kitty key chain and a black claw clip. BOHS’s return to campus has given students like Swenson an opportunity to once again indulge in favorite fashions and accessories.

Among the many downsides of distance learning was not being able to enjoy fashion trends as most of us were confined to our homes, wearing the same practical and comfortable clothes for our Zoom classes. But now that we’re back to full in-person learning, students have an opportunity to show off their unique styles in the halls and quad. Since Aug. 16, BOHS’s first day back on campus, Wildcats have been spotted wearing classic and modern kicks,  sporting colorful and practical bags, and wearing head-turning styles. 

Wildcat Lifestyle Co-Editor Melea Altermatt lists the most exciting Fall trends, fashions, and passions spotted on Wildcat Way in the first three weeks of the new school year.

Nolan Guss, senior, shows off his kids’ backpack from his favorite childhood show, SpongeBob Squarepants. (Claire Seo)

Kid Backpacks

The Class of 2019 left behind a playful trend before heading off to college: swapping the usual Jansport and Kanken packs for backpacks that kindergarteners might sport, such as Disney Princesses, Paw Patrol, and SpongeBob Squarepants. The colorful and nostalgic kids’ backpack tradition symbolizes the seniors holding on to a sliver of their childhoods before stepping into the adult world of college.

Tote/Messenger Bags

Tote and messenger bags are go-to items for the 2021-2022 school year as they tend to be much easier than backpacks to lug around campus with straps that can quickly be slung over the shoulder. These bags are adorned with pre-printed phrases (“treat people with kindness,” “have a good day”), swirly-patterned designs, anime characters, and hand-written slogans written in Sharpie. 

Elisa Torres, freshman, styles the fairy grunge look, with long linen skirt, layered jewelry, and earth tones. (Kasia Alexander )

Fairy Grunge fashion

One of the newest fashion statements on Wildcat Way is fairy grunge, which is a combination of fairycore (looks inspired by Springtime, magic, and nature) and grunge (earth tones and blacks) styles. The ethereal look often consists of cardigans, rips, mini and maxi skirts, lacy corsets, earth tones, sheer tights, and layered silver jewelry. 

Doc Martens 

Always trending: Doc Martens. That familiar rubber squeak heard in the hallways is probably from the rubber soles of the iconic and timeless British shoes, introduced in 1947 by business partners Doctor Klaus Märtens and Herbert Funck. 74-years old, and Doc Martens still hold their “street fashion to high fashion” look, and the durable, stylish shoe can be worn anytime, anywhere. 

Claw Clips

Claw Clips are making a comeback. Around BOHS, the clunky and colorful hair clips can be seen in matte, glittered, and marbled styles. These ‘90s-inspired hair accessories are the fastest way to create an up-do, while also looking stylish on campus. 


The whimsical cottagecore style is “a nod to the traditional English countryside style, romantic and nostalgic.” The style, which evokes Victorian-era romance, nostalgia, harmony with nature, beautifully tended gardens, and crafting, incorporates stunning looks like long, loose-fitting, flowy dresses and skirts, puffy sleeves and blouses, bold Victorian-style patterns, hand-crafted accessories, embroidery, and lace.

Phone Charms

One of the newest ways to add personality to a phone is phone charms. Usually made out of a variety of different colors, shapes, and sizes of beads, these are easy to slip onto a phone case and give it more personality. This is a good alternative to hold a phone safely while also looking trendy.

’90s fashion 

Throwback alert! Inspired by ‘90s hit TV shows such as Boy Meets World and Saved by the Bell,  students can be seen roaming the quad in ripped baggy jeans, plaid flannels, band tees, and Chuck Taylors. 

Dominick Rodriguez, sophomore, points to his fresh white sneakers that complete his school outfit. (Kasia Alexander)

Undercut Hair Colors

The BOHS campus is extra colorful this Fall as students are playfully dying the bottom half of their hair to give their overall look a striking burst of color. Whether it be bleached blonde or bright pinks and greens, this look evokes personality, while also keeping the comfort of the natural hair color.

White Sneakers

Stark white sneakers — from Nike Air Force 1s to timeless Chuck Taylors — may be the easiest way to stylishly accessorize any outfit. Pristine white kicks are versatile, they’re always in style, and they’re always visually striking.