Turn Heads With These Last Minute, Easy-to-Assemble Halloween Costumes

Halloween is quickly approaching so it’s time to figure out what memorable — and quick-to-assemble — costumes we’ll be sporting for the Friday’s dress-up day and Sunday’s trick-or-treating. For those last-minute and budget-conscious Wildcats, Wildcat Lifestyles Editor Katie Kudron recommends these ten Halloween costumes.

1. Squid Game Contestant 

The Netflix phenomenon, Squid Games, is the perfect costume for this upcoming Halloween season as the show is blazing hot (with 111 million streamers, to date) and its outfits are immediately recognizable. To be a Squid Game contestant, all that’s needed is a green tracksuit, plain white tee, white slip-on Vans, and a number (from 0 to 456). Find a few friends and assemble an entire team. (Tug-of-War rope optional!)

2. Gossip Girl Character 

While Blair and Serena have been Halloween costume standards since the show’s debut in 2007, revamp the old look and dress up as characters from the Gossip Girl reboot. An oversized dress shirt, tie, and boots easily complete a “Julien Calloway” look from the show’s revival. It’s a fresh, modern take on the tired “prep school” look, that is easy to assemble with garments and accessories you probably already own.

3. The ’70s

Get groovy on Halloween with a ’70s themed costume. Brea ABBA fans can buy a disco costume set from Amazon, or raid your parents’ closets and throw together an outfit of bell bottoms, a tie dye tee, a peace symbol necklace, and a pair of Converse All-Stares. Don’t forget the fun glasses…and the dance moves.

4. Cheetah 

Need a costume fast? Be a cheetah! Throw on an animal print and adorn your face with cat-like makeup and voila, you have an inexpensive and quick costume purr-fect for Halloween-night fun. If you don’t already own an animal print shirt or jumpsuit, this always-trendy pattern can be easily found at most clothing stores and Jo-Ann’s. 

5. Wanda and Vision, from WandaVision

This wildly popular Disney+ show, that aired from January to March, is sure to be a hit this Halloween season. While there are many iconic outfits to choose from, from retro-Vision to Speed to Agatha Harkness (remember to wink!), Wanda’s Halloween costume in the Halloween-themed sixth episode, is easy to replicate with a red leotard and cape, pink tights, and “horns.” Boys can quickly replicate Visions’ Halloween costume with a green unitard with hood, a yellow diamond logo, yellow cape, boots, and gloves, red face paint, and a fake Infinity Stone.

6. Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell is a classic Halloween costume that will never go out of style. Dress in whatever green you have, pick up some wings from Target or a costume store,  style your hair into a bun, and you’ll add a familiar touch of Disney to Halloween.

7. Polly Pocket

Revisit your childhood by dressing as this this late-’90s, early-’00s doll. Mix and match skirts and tops in fun colors, add a shoulder bag and big sunglasses to complete the retro look. Easily thrifted, this costume can be created quickly and cheaply. For an extra touch, print out the Polly Pocket logo and tape it onto a purse!

8. Elle Woods from Legally Blonde

This Halloween, dress up as everybody’s favorite Harvard Law graduate. Throw on all pink clothing (the more glittery, the better), grab a textbook, brush up on the most popular Legally Blonde lingo (“What, like it’s hard?”), and you are ready for the costume party Elle Woods thought she was going to in the film.

9. Scooby Doo Group Costume

Solve mysteries in style this weekend by dressing up, with four friends, as the Scooby Gang. Choose a character — handsome Fred, confidant Daphne, brainy Velma, and laidback Shaggy — and assemble their easy-to-find, ’60s- and ’70s-inspired outfits. (Find a fun fifth to tag along as the reliable, crime-solving Scooby. Just remember the Scooby Snacks!) 

10. Grammy’s Harry Styles

Channel your inner pop star with this sure-to-turn-heads Halloween costume of black clothes (a black leather coat, ideally), a green feather boa, and a microphone. Sing “Watermelon Sugar” loudly and on a loop for added authenticity and entertainment.