20 Questions with Dance Production Co-Captain Dahlia Chavez


Isabella Abalos

Dahlia Chavez, four-year member of Dance Production, performs a jump from the upcoming Dance show on Nov. 18, 19, and 20.

Senior Dahlia Chavez, four-year member of Dance Production and Dance Pro co-captain, is ready to leap into the first dance concert of her senior year this Thursday.

Chavez and the entire dance program — from Dance I to Dance Pro — have been preparing for the show by working on technique and learning various hip-hop, contemporary, and the first ever combination tap and jazz routine, to showcase at the performance.

The Wildcat asked Chavez about the upcoming productions and her experiences in Dance Production.

1. Why did you join Dance Production? 

I’ve been doing dance all my life, and then I found out that [BOHS] had Dance Production, so I just auditioned, and I got in my freshman year. 

2. What is your favorite part about the Dance Production family? 

All the performances [we] get to do, like the rallies and the show. Since we don’t compete, we normally put all of our time and effort into prepping for our shows. 

3. How long have you been dancing?

Since I was in first grade. 

4. What is the first style of dance that you pursued? 

I first started in jazz. 

5. Has COVID-19 affected the production of your upcoming performances? 

We’re still doing the big show that we normally do, but the only difference I would say is masks. Last year we had an online show and it didn’t really do well. So we’re just trying to go back to normal. 

6. What is your favorite part about dancing? 

Performing in front of everyone and choreographing. 

7. What do you do as a dance team to prepare for showcases and performances? 

To prepare for showcases and performances, we use our time in class to just go over dances and make sure everyone else is [practicing outside of the studio] so that they can keep up their technique.

8. What is your favorite style of dance and why? 

I love jazz because I’m more of a leg technique person and I like the style better. 

9. How many dances have you choreographed for the show? 

I believe five.

10. Which dance that you choreographed is your favorite, and why? 

Probably the dance that I choreographed by myself which is “Love on the Brain.” I just really liked the song [by Rihanna] and I liked how it came out. 

11. Do you have a favorite dance that you have performed? 

There was one dance that we did with the song “Senorita.” It was just really clean and really upbeat. And we had a guest choreographer — one of the Rams cheerleaders — so it came out really well.

12. Does Dance Production have any traditions? 

Before every time we show a piece, after tech, or after we practice, we always say “DP sisters.”

13. How many hours does DP practice each week? 

About 8 to 10 hours.

14. What is your favorite dance concert that you have ever been a part of? 

My freshman year Spring Show.

15. Do you have a favorite dancer/role model that you look up to? Who? 

It has to be my dance teacher at my dance studio, Amber Case.

16. Do you dance at a studio outside of the DP team on campus?  

Momentum Dance Center in Yorba Linda

17. What is the most rewarding part of being on Dance Production? 

Just performing and being able to hear everyone enjoying our show and enjoying our rallies.

18. If you could be a backup dancer for any singer, who would you choose? 

Doja Cat

19. What is your favorite Dance Production memory? 

One year we went to Irvine Valley College and we just did a convention-type thing. So we took classes there and spent the whole day there and it was really fun.

20. What are your post-high-school plans? 

I want to go to a university and if I can, I want to be on one of their dance teams.

Dance Production’s fall concert debuts this Thursday at 7 p.m., and continues on Friday and Saturday in the Performing Arts Center.