A ‘Golden’ Night: Harry Styles’s ‘Love on Tour’ Concert Reviewed


Katie Kudron

Wildcat A&E Co-Editor Katie Kudron and friends at The Forum before watching Harry Styles perform on Nov. 17.

The lights dimmed and the crowd of 17,000 sparkly-outfitted and feather boa-wearing Harry Styles fans jumped and screamed. The English singer-songwriter’s sold-out show (the first of three) at The Forum in Los Angeles on Nov. 17 was about to begin.

The large screens above the stage flashed with psychedelic imagery as the beginning notes to Styles’s hit single “Golden” began to play. “Style is the answer to everything / to do a dangerous thing with style is what I call art,” from a recording of the poem “Style,” by Charles Bukowski, played over the music. Fans throughout the arena held up their phones, recording, in anticipation of Harry Styles rising onto the stage. 

Styles played songs from both of his albums, Harry Styles and Fine Line, as well as songs — like “What Makes you Beautiful” — from his former band, One Direction. 

The evening was filled with dancing and singing from fans, with conga lines forming in the Cherry and Watermelon pits (named after his songs “Cherry” and “Watermelon Sugar”) just beneath the stage. The lively, spirited crowd sang loudly to Fine Line’s track 11 — “Treat People With Kindness” — which has become a motto for Harry and followers.

Throughout the show, Styles skipped and danced around the stage, doing his classic shimmy and hop dance move. 

Harry’s outfit changes are another integral part of his shows. On this evening, a highlight was Styles in Gucci from head to toe, with a green floral vest, green pants, and white boots. 

During past concerts, Styles has helped fans reveal the gender of their babies, come out to their parents, and wished many happy birthdays, and this L.A. evening was no different. Styles spotted a sign from a young woman that asked the singer to help her come out and wave her bisexual pride flag. Styles told the fan, Brenda, that when “the flag goes over my head, there’s no going back,” before he ran around the stage waving the flag. Harry’s kindness and love for his fans is evident with these intimate moments. 

Just before closing out his show with “Watermelon Sugar” and “Kiwi,” Styles sang a fan favorite — the rarely performed, unreleased song “Medicine” — making this show extra special for longtime Harry Styles fans who have dreamed of hearing the song live. 

After Styles thanked his band and the crowd, the singer ran off the stage and fans left The Forum happy and exhausted, singing Harry’s songs hits.