Robbers Commit Smash and Grab at Brea Mall


Courtesy of Brea PD

Two suspects commit a smash and grab at the Kay Jewelers in the Brea Mall on April 15. The suspects have not been caught and no injuries were reported by shoppers.

Robbers smashed and grabbed goods from Kay Jewelers, sending hundreds of shoppers fleeing the Brea Mall on Friday, April 15.

The suspects — who have yet to be apprehended — were described by the Brea Police Department as, “two black males in their late teens to early twenties” wearing red sweatpants, black hoodies, and masks. The two suspects used hammers to break glass cases. 

A smash and grab is typically a robbery where a store or showcase window is broken and whatever is on display is taken as quickly as possible. Robberies like these are on the rise, occurring in malls all over Southern California, like Westminster and Beverly Hills, according to KTLA

Brea PD, in a press release, described that some witnesses reported what they thought were gunshots, although no firearms were used during the incident. Brea PD further stated that the hammers used to break the glass could have been mistaken for firearms. 

Lena Rotblum, sophomore, explains how her “family was parking by the Red Robin when [they] saw a woman running out of the mall. She told us that there was a shooter in the mall and that we should get out of there.”

Grace Severson, sophomore, was standing with her friends in the food court when they “saw a bunch of people running and screaming out the door. [They] didn’t know what happened but assumed the worst and quickly left.”

Tori Torres, senior, was at the mall Friday when she “saw people running and screaming” and heard “what sounded like gunshots.” She and her mom left the mall right away and later she described the incident as ‘the most terrifying moment of [her] life.”

Brea PD advises that in situations like these “if you can’t run away from the incident that is taking place, then we suggest that you hide.” The suspects have not been caught and no injuries were reported.