The Wildcat Style Guide: Prom Dress Edition


Amber Kim

With Prom just around the corner on May 14, the time to pick the perfect dress is now.

With prom just around the corner on May 14, it’s time for BOHS upperclassmen to start thinking about which type of dress — Roaring ’20s-influenced? Greek-inspired? corset tops? — will be the most enchanting for an “Evening of Enchantment.”

Presented below is the Wildcat’s style guide for picking a perfectly enchanting prom dress. 

1. Sweetheart Neckline Corset Top

This flirtatious, formal, and very feminine dress pulls inspiration from the recent TikTok trend that introduced corset tops with sweetheart necklines to our generation.

2. Cowl Neck Satin 

Cowl neck satin dresses are increasingly becoming this season’s “it” dress due to their effortless and carefree look that showcases delicate and flow-y silhouettes. 

3. Art Deco 

Roaring ’20s-inspired Art Deco dresses — adorned with flashy sequins and geometric patterns — display all of the glitz and glamour that ruled high society 100 years ago. The dresses come in a range of colors —  silver, gold, and deep hues of blue — reflecting the “new money” and “old money” party colors of that decade. 

4. Velvet  

Velvet is back. The ’80s staple fabric offers a timeless and classy look for prom. The soft and rich fabric and in the colors of jewels will shine under the dance floor’s lights. 

5. Greek-Inspired 

Arrive to prom feeling like a Greek goddess with Greek-inspired dresses that are simple, yet elegant, and elongate the body with flow-y fabrics.

6. One Shoulder 

One shoulder dresses are timeless and are typically form-fitting with a slit on the side. Dresses like these highlight curves, and show off the neckline and shoulders. One shoulder dresses can be one color, or adorned with amounts sparkles and glitter. 

7. Tulle 

Tulle dresses are especially popular in 2022 because they are uniquely modern, with embroidery, floral designs, or shimmering glitter that beautifully emphasizes the wearer’s features.

BOHS’s “An Evening of Enchantment” Prom will be held May 14 at the Tustin Ranch Golf Club from 8 to 11 p.m.