Caps Off to the Class of ’22

The Class of ’22 experienced a four-year journey unlike any prior graduating class experienced. But this years’ seniors made it, intact and jubilant, to Graduation Day.

Compiled from the Senior Survey and information provided by the counseling department, here’s what awaits some of the students of Brea Olinda High School’s Class of 2022.

  • Abalos, Isabella, Loyola Marymount University
  • Ahn, Curtis, UCLA
  • Alexander, Alexis, Biola University
  • Allred, Samantha, Brigham Young University
  • Altermatt, Melea, Vanguard University
  • Ammari, Cynthia, Fullerton College
  • Anaya, Olivia, San Diego State University
  • Anderson, Jenna, Fullerton College
  • Apahidean, Cassie, Mt. San Antonio College
  • Armas, Victoria, Golden West College
  • Armas, Bryan, Fullerton College
  • Arnold, Aidan, University of Saint Mary
  • Azimi, Neil, Chapman University

“I chose [University of Saint Mary] because I went there on a football visit and I ended up really liking the coaches and the players. I’m excited mostly that I’m rooming with my friend Jeffrey Wallace that also goes here. So we’re both going to school together and it’ll be like an adventure for both of us.”

Aidan Arnold

  • Beri, Arya, Chapman University
  • Besse, Lucas, Cerritos College
  • Bobadilla, Renae, CSU Fullerton
  • Brent, Michael, CSU Fresno
  • Bretz, Emma, Oregon State University
  • Brookman, Garrett, University of Dayton
  • Brooks, Jenna, Fullerton College
  • Brunyer, Marco, UC Irvine
  • Buys, Cole, Orange Coast College

“I chose [Loyola Marymount University] because the campus is so beautiful and I feel like the connections I will be making there will be worth the price I’m paying. I’m excited to see the Kiwi Bots bring me food and watching the view from the library as I’m studying.”

Isabella Abalos

  • Caluag, Jared, UC Irvine
  • Castaneda, Andrew, Long Beach City College
  • Chau, Owen, Irvine Valley College
  • Chavez, Dahlia, Orange Coast College
  • Chen, Angela, CSU Fullerton
  • Cheon, Christine, University of Southern California
  • Choi, Sophia, New York University
  • Choi, Andy, UC Irvine
  • Chun, Elliot, UC Irvine
  • Coffey, Trinity, Vanguard University
  • Cole, Elyse, University of Alabama
  • Cooper, Jacob, church mission
  • Corral, Gianina, Vanguard University
  • Covey, Dakota, UC Irvine
  • Covey, Austin, Fullerton College

“I chose [United States Military Academy West Point] because I want to be a leader and serve in the military. I’m excited for all the physical aspects of the school and also the academic challenge.”

Peter Segat

  • Dapkus, Connor, Chapman University
  • Davila, Sydney, San Francisco State University
  • De Masi, Caroline, Fullerton College
  • Dewberry, Jared, UC Irvine
  • DiCesaris, Natalie, CSU San Marcos
  • Dizon, Samantha, Stanford University
  • Dominguez, Lesly, Dixie State University
  • Du, Yiping, New York University
  • DuPrey, Matthew, Point Loma Nazarene

“Stanford has always been a dream school in my head. The minute I stepped foot onto Stanford’s campus, something in me just clicked. It felt so different, and I felt so inspired to learn but at the same time, I was just so awestruck with the atmosphere and how it made me feel just so incredible as a person. And I think finding a campus that makes you feel inspired to learn and you makes you feel inspired to keep going through your education is really important. Stanford is a really diverse student body, it’s in a great area, and the campus is gorgeous. I’m really excited to meet a lot of new people who share the same values that I do.”

Samantha Dizon

  • Espinosa, Zac, UC San Diego
  • Esqueda, Harmonie, gap year
  • Felix, Alyssa, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
  • Flores, Valerie, Fullerton College
  • Franks, Daniel, Chapman University

“I chose [Cal Poly San Luis Obispo] because I love the location and I’ve been obsessed with Cal Poly SLO since I was a freshman. I’m super excited to make new friends.”

Alyssa Felix

  • Gaeta, Fidel, Fullerton College
  • Garabedian, Brandon, workforce
  • Garcelon, Joshua, UC Irvine
  • Garcia, Daniela, Santa Clara University
  • Garcia, Estrella, Fullerton College
  • Garcia, Leonardo, UC Irvine
  • Garcia-Peralta, Adrien, Air Force/Fullerton College
  • Gibson, Jada, UCLA
  • Gonzales, Christian, Azusa Pacific University
  • Guss, Nolan, UC Santa Barbara

“UC Santa Barbara has a really good music studies program and the campus is super beautiful. Apparently the student life is really positive and really happy. The mental health of all the students is really good because like everybody has nothing to be sad about in Santa Barbara because everything’s beautiful there. Everyone’s a very sunshine kind of person. So I feel like I fit in pretty well. I’m excited to learn but I’m also excited to socialize and meet a lot of new people because everybody is super friendly.”

Nolan Guss

  • Hajj, Andrew, Rio Hondo College
  • Haluska, Alexandra, Fullerton College
  • Han, Josh, UC San Diego
  • Hercila, Enrique, Fullerton College
  • Hernandez, Hannah, Fullerton College
  • Hsiu, Alyson, UC Riverside
  • Hua, Tyler, UC Riverside
  • Huang, Henry, San Jose State University
  • Huynh, Hayley, Mt. San Antonio College
  • Ichiyama, Justin, University of Hawaii
  • Islas, Daniel, Santa Ana College

“I chose [University of Hawaii] because I have family that lived nearby there and I got a really good scholarship. I’m excited to do all the fun activities that they offer like surfing and scuba diving and stuff. I think it’ll be pretty fun.”

Justin Ichiyama

  • Johnson, Maxwell, Northern Arizona University
  • Johnson, Gracie, Point Loma Nazarene University
  • Keane, Janell, Fullerton College
  • Kent, Haylie, San Diego State University
  • Keyworth, Alyssa, Orange Coast College
  • Kim, Christina, Biola University
  • Kim, Sohee, Case Western Reserve University
  • Kim, Kelli, San Diego State University
  • Kim, Katie, Orange Coast College
  • Kim, Ian, UC Santa Barbara
  • Koren, Emerson, Texas Christian University
  • Kudron, Kate, Arizona State University
  • Kurdi, Adam, Fullerton College

“I chose Point Loma because I felt like it was the best fit for me. Going on tours definitely helped and I could tell the vibe of like Point Loma. It was really welcoming and I felt like I belonged there. And it’s right on the beach, which makes it really nice. And I feel like I work better in small class sizes and making connections with the teachers which I’ll be able to do at the school. I’m also excited to be down at the beach and be in a new environment. I’m a little nervous but I’m so excited to make new friends and be independent, living on my own. “

Gracie Johnson

  • LaBelle, Brock, CSU Fullerton
  • Labio, Alexa, Orange Coast College
  • Lachman, Kalyssa, Fullerton College
  • Lee, Clara, UCLA
  • Lee, Cameron, UC Davis
  • Lee, Jinhee, UCLA
  • Lee, Daniel, Cal Poly Pomona
  • Lee, Hannah, UC Berkeley
  • Lee, Jacob, UC Irvine
  • Li, Anna, UCLA
  • Limones, Samantha, Fullerton College
  • Lite, Trevor, CSU Fullerton
  • Lopez, Alyssa, CSU San Marcos
  • Lopez, Kristina, ROP technical school

“I chose [Pace University] because of the location. I’m excited to be in New York and all the opportunities it brings. There is always something to do in New York City.”

Alyssa Olona

  • Maeda, Zenya, Fullerton College
  • Magray, Dylan, Dixie State University
  • Mah, Zoe, Vanguard University
  • Mailom, Alyssa, UC Irvine
  • Martinez, Allison, UC Santa Cruz
  • Martinez, Briseyda, Cypress College
  • McElroy, Reed, University of Utah
  • Mercado, Joshua, Fullerton College
  • Minnick, Porter, Mt. San Antonio College
  • Miraz, Miranda, Coastline Community College
  • Mittrick, Megan, Fullerton College
  • Morril, Kennedy, Cal Poly Humboldt

“I chose [UC Santa Cruz] because they gave me a lot of financial aid which is helpful and the campus is beautiful. I’m excited to explore the campus and hang out at the beach. And because the campus is so big, I’m excited to walk around and explore the forests and experience a new city.”

Allison Martinez

  • Na, Collin, UC Irvine
  • Olona, Alyssa, Pace University
  • Orozco Becerra, Michelle, CSU Long Beach
  • Parekh, Aanya, UC Davis
  • Park, Thomas, CSU Fullerton
  • Patrick, Aidan, Fullerton College
  • Perez, Joseph, workforce
  • Perez, Christian, Navy
  • Perez, Isabella, Penn State University
  • Plummer, Avery, Otis College of Art and Design

“I chose [UC Irvine] because it was probably one of the best schools I got into. I’m excited to meet new people and just figure out what I want to do for my career.”

Collin Na

  • Rainey, Alorah, Evergreen Beauty College
  • Ramirez, Aaliyah, workforce
  • Ramirez, Jack, Fullerton College
  • Ramos, Ryan, Fullerton College
  • Rangel-Tanquary, Jon Michael, Northern Arizona University
  • Reagins, Ryan, CSU Fullerton
  • Reed, Katelyn, UC Davis
  • Rifilato, Ava, Dominican University of California
  • Riley, Robyn, Fullerton College
  • Rios, Jaden, Washington State University
  • Rivera, Alyssa, Fullerton College
  • Rogers, Savannah, Fullerton College
  • Romero, Natalie, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
  • Rutledge, Cadence, University of Portland

“I really enjoyed the atmosphere when I visited [Washington State University] and it just seemed like a fun place to go. I’m always excited to like go experience new things and go out on my own,”

Rylee Uribe

  • Saez, Joseph, UC Santa Barbara
  • Saluk, Grace, UC Irvine
  • Sandoval, Alyssa, Fullerton College
  • Santos, Camille, Fullerton College
  • Savela Gomez, Jess, Hope International University
  • Scovill, Kaylor, Hope International University
  • Segat, Peter, United States Military Academy West Point
  • Seidl, Ryan, UC San Diego
  • Seo, Dawit, CSU Fullerton
  • Shellito, Nicholas, Northern Arizona University
  • Shengtian, Calvin, UC Irvine
  • Shim, Jinny, UC Irvine
  • Shubin, Isaiah, Fullerton College
  • Swindell, Marissa, Chapman University
  • Swindle, Olivia, Mt. San Antonio College

“I chose Fullerton College because I already took dual enrollment classes, so I’m about halfway done with my first semester of college. I just took 3 classes and I’ll be transferring to a university after I get my associate’s degree.”

Monirath Veakrakmann

  • Than, Talia, UC Riverside
  • Thuraga, Rakshith, University of Southern California
  • Torres, Dylan, CSU Long Beach
  • Torres, Tori, Boston University
  • Uribe, Rylee, Washington State University
  • Valencia, Meleny, workforce
  • Veakrakmann, Monirath, Fullerton College
  • Velasquez, Noemi, Fullerton College

“I chose [San Diego State University] because of the tour I went on. It was very informative and I really liked how close the school is to home and how it’s very accessible. I’m excited for the student life there and excited to meet new people and be in a new atmosphere.”

Katelyn Wall

  • Wall, Katelyn, San Diego State University
  • Wang, Jason, UC Irvine
  • Wernli, Emily, University of the Pacific
  • Williams-LeDoux, Alicia, UC Berkeley
  • Windes, Jo, Fullerton College
  • Winn, Ethan, Hillsdale College
  • Wu, Emily, Colburn Conservatory of Music
  • Yates, Callie, Chapman University
  • Ybarra, Zach, Biola University
  • Yoon, Jason, UC Irvine
  • Yoon, Grace, Fullerton College
  • Yu, Lauren, Stanford University

“I chose Biola because it’s pretty close. My mom also works there. They also have a pretty good track program and I plan on running there because I received an offer and a spot on the team next year. I’m really excited to run there. They have a division two track team that’s pretty competitive. I also have a few friends that are going there so I’m excited to be with them and be a part of the campus life.”

Zach Ybarra