McD’s Travis Scott Meal far from ‘Astronomical’


"FIB Benicassim 2018 Travis Scott" / Diariopop / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 / meal photo by Charlize Chiang

Astroworld artist Travis Scott partnered with McDonald’s for a $6 “Travis Scott Meal.” Food editor Amber Kim says of the meal: “Overall, this meal was far from “Astronimical. It satisfied my fast food cravings, but it’s not worth the hype.”

Musician Travis Scott’s partnership with popular companies like Fortnite doesn’t end there — starting on Sept. 8, Scott teamed with McDonald’s to launch a $6 “Travis Scott Meal.”

The promotion, which ends this weekend, kickstarted a Tik Tok trend where customers say, “You know why I’m here,” and then proceed to blast “Sicko Mode,” the third track from Scott’s third studio album, Astroworld, while McDonald drive-thru employees try to take their order.

My initial reaction after trying the meal: It’s just a regular Quarter Pounder with fries and a drink, but with Travis Scott’s name attached to it. 

The meal consists of a Quarter Pounder with lettuce, pickles, onions, ketchup, mustard, cheese, and bacon, plus medium fries with BBQ sauce, and a Sprite.

Despite the connection to the innovative entertainer, there’s nothing innovative about this meal. The burger was average: the buns were tender, the pickles and bacon were crisp, but the patty was dry. The highlights of the meal were the crispy fries and the Sprite, which already come with a regular McDonald’s meal. 

I would have enjoyed the meal more if it came with a sauce that tempered the saltiness of the burger. So I ordered a free packet of ranch, which added a tanginess that better balanced the salty burger and fries

Overall, this meal was far from “Astronomical.” It satisfied my fast food cravings, but it’s not worth the hype.