Masks Up!

Trends Co-Editors Melea Altermatt and Katie Kudron rate the many mask options as students prepare to return to campus


Charlize Chiang

Wildcat editors Melea Altermatt and Katie Kudron jump for joy with their favorite masks by Joah Love and Yoga Society.

For the past several months, we have grown accustomed to putting on masks any time we head outside, but with hybrid learning on the horizon, and a full day of mask-wearing ahead, finding the perfect mask is more important than ever. 

The variety of masks is endless — from favorite colors to fun patterns — so you can express yourself while also staying safe, healthy, and budget-conscious. 

Best Budget Masks

Target’s two-pack mask set is a great option at an affordable price of $4. Coming in adults and kids sizes, it’s easy to find one that fits perfectly. The adult masks even come in a S/M and L/XL sizes, which isn’t offered by most mask companies. They are made of breathable materials and include a pocket to insert a filter. Target offers these masks in a variety of colors.

Old Navy’s five-pack variety of masks are some of the best masks available. They fit well and are completely breathable. The Cheetah pack comes in packs of three in various cheetah prints, and two in muted colors cream and gray, for a reasonable price of $12.50.

Our favorite masks come from Kitsch. $12 for three masks is a reasonable price considering their quality, cute patterns, and great fit. They have multiple pattern sets, a favorite being the blush set. These masks are made out of soft cotton with three layers and stretchy elastic ear-loops, which makes the mask comfortable to wear. 

Best Masks for $10-$15

Etsy shop @buttonsandbirds makes great masks in not only kids and adult sizes, but tween sizes too. The teal tween mask has a filter pocket and adjustable wire in the top to fit snugly over the nose. These tight-fitting, soft cotton masks cost $10 each. 

A favorite mask is from local Brea store Stitch and Feather. They have a couple of patterns to choose from, including a tie-dye mask in a pretty grey. The masks are incredibly soft and breathable. The only negative is the large fit. Priced at $10, this mask is perfect for everyday use. 

Sew What? is great for their unique and intricate way of producing masks. This drapery manufacturing company now makes masks due to their loss in drapery customers during quarantine. These masks are trendy and customizable with straps that tie around the ears, to be tightened or loosened as much as needed. They come in kids to adult sizes in prices ranging from $5.99 to $14.99. 

While not the favorite, our most-worn masks come from Yoga Society because of their fit and patterns. They have many colors and patterns to choose from, including tie-dye and stripes. They also feature cool accessories like gold, silver, and leather mask chains. They also sell adhesive metal nose strips to help the mask fit the face better. Depending on the size (child or adult) and pattern, these masks range from $30 to $40 for a set of three to four masks. While there are cheaper masks, these are definitely worth the money due to their quality.

Best Masks for $20 and Up

Live Love Gameday has the perfect masks if looking for a fun style. From sequins and beaded designs to embroidery, they have every pattern one could ask for. Due to their detailed designs, prices range from $6 to $20 per mask. However, they are worth the price because of their unique look, they fit well, are breathable, and they’re practical for everyday use.

One mask we love, much like the brand, comes from Joah Love. Though expensive at $20, this mask company values making sure their masks fit each customer’s face. These masks come in an endless amount of prints and sizes, from child-sized to adult. The kid masks have stretchy bands to fit around the head and prevent falling off smaller faces, while the adult ones have ties for ears that conform to each face. These masks fit the most comfortably of those that were tested and they do not slip off the nose. 

Of these ten face masks, there is something for everyone. From basic, affordable Target masks to fun, pricier masks from Joah Love and Yoga Society, there is a wide variety of masks to choose from.

Leave a comment below if you have one of the mentioned masks or a mask you love that we didn’t review!