The Wildcat Asks: Who Will/Would You Vote For in 2020 Presidential Election?

The 2020 presidential election has stirred intense conversation and debate nationwide about which of the two candidates — Donald J. Trump and Joe Biden — is best suited to lead the United States. 

From Oct. 19 to 29, the Wildcat asked BOHS students whom they have, will, or would vote for in this year’s election.  

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

“Out of the two campaigns I feel as if the Biden/Harris campaign will actually try to strive for the freedom of the people as well as aim to prevent global warming before it is inevitable.” – Makayla Huerta, junior

“I just want to make it clear that I am registered as an independent voter. Personally I don’t like either one. But Biden is the less of both evils. Last election I was pretty neutral for the most part and I wanted to see how Trump would do for this country and he absolutely divided a nation that was created to be united. The racism, homophobia, and the pedophilia are the top main reasons why I strongly dislike Trump.”  – Gaige Garcia (‘20)

“[Trump has] made our country more divided, and into an economic crisis. This pandemic would be a challenge for any president, but the same thing has been happening for eight months in our country, and not so long or as horrible in other nations. Even if Trump didn’t do all of these things, Biden is still more appealing. He wants our country to be together. Trump only sees blue and red, Biden knows there’s divisions, but he’s not going to encourage the left to hate the right, like this president is doing right now.” – Ben Yates (‘20)

“Trump continues to deny its [COVID-29] severity. Biden supports climate change and science which makes him a better choice already. Four more years [of Trump] will make our country even worse and ruin the rights of abortion and LGBTQ+ equality that we have worked so long to secure.” Dakota Covey, junior 

“America needs change and Biden/Harris are working to reform law enforcement, help the sustainment of the planet, and are actively in support of the LGBTQ+ community and their rights.” – Sophia Renfro, junior

“I would vote for Biden/Harris because of the policies he plans to fight systemic racism.” – Haylie Kent, junior

“Trump hasn’t taken this pandemic seriously, discredited scientists, and even contracted the virus himself. He’s insinuated racism against Asians, Latinos, and Black Americans. He has created immense division in this country and does not give equal rights to anyone who isn’t a rich. cisgender, heterosexual, white male.” –  Lauren Ahn, freshman

“As a person of color, and someone who’s a part of the LGBTQ+ community, mine, my family’s, and my friend’s lives, would be in danger if the current president remained in office with the kinds of things he says about people and human rights issues.” – Bella Araujo, junior

“Biden is respectful, responsible, and kind. Joe Biden has plans that are going to help improve America.” – Alyssa Olona, junior

“I refuse to support [Trump], who has made sexist, racist, and homophobic comments; as well as tried to take away certain transgender rights during pride month. Both candidates have flaws, but overall, I think Biden would be a better president.” – Peyton Deck, freshman

“Trump has said many racist things and can’t take responsibility over America. For example, he called [COVID-19] the ‘China virus.’ Instead of finding a way to reduce the number of cases, he says ‘not worry about it.’ On the other hand, Biden has a plan.” – Soobin Park, freshman

Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence

“[Trump] is the least corrupt and will keep regulations and taxes low. He does what he says he’s gonna do and the same cannot be said for Biden.” – Antonio Alas, junior

“I believe that [Trump and Pence] want the best for our country.” – Megan DuPrey, freshman

“I feel that what Biden is going to do will harm the country, such as defunding police, and restriction of gun usage.” – Noah Lovcik, freshman

“Trump has a plan to reopen the country and put the economy back on track. After listening to the debates, it sounds like Biden wants to shut everything down. He also wants to abolish the oil industry which is unrealistic and will only hurt the economy further.” – Luke Stratton, senior

“Trump and Pence have benefited families across the country. They have also boosted the economy and raised 401Ks to a ridiculously great height. They have handled this pandemic very well with their unemployment and their stimulus package.” – JonMichael Tanquary, junior

“I think that Donald Trump has done an amazing job for his first term, and I think he would do better for his second term. The Democrats want everyone to think that America and republicans are bad and they want to divide everyone.” – Chris Landreth, senior

“I like a conservative president and how he handles the borders, but to be honest, they are both terrible presidential choices.” – Justin Bravo, senior

“I like [Trump’s] policies better [than] Biden’s.” – Carter Durback, junior