Affordable and Trendy Swimwear for 2021


Isabella Abalos

The Brea Target displays some of their newest 2021 swimwear pieces available now.

Goodbye Spring and hello summer, it’s time to pick out a new bathing suit to flaunt at backyard pools and Orange County beaches. 

While there are countless places to find the perfect bathing suit, from online shops to the Brea Mall, Target is an even more convenient and more affordable option to find inexpensive and stylish bathing suits.

When choosing a swimsuit, it’s best to choose one that is comfortable but also instills confidence. Here is a list of affordable, attractive, and comfortable swimwear from Target that will get beach-loving Wildcats ready for summer fun. 

Cinch Front Black Bandeau Bikini 

Basic black bandeau bikini tops are timeless and perfect for any occasion. This top can be paired with any colored bottoms and has adjustable straps so that the wearer can alter it to their liking. It’s tight-fitting and supportive enough to move around in. This piece of swimwear is highly recommended because of its price — $17.99 — and versatility. 

Ribbed Side-Cinch One Piece 

This ribbed side-cinch one-piece swimsuit comes in three different colors — olive green, black, and copper, and is $29.99. Don’t be fooled, this swimsuit may look like a two-piece from the back, but it is just disguised with the side cinches. This piece is ideal for those who are seeking out coverage and modesty when searching for swimwear options. 

Textured Cap Sleeve Bralette Bikini 

The polka dot cap sleeve bralette bikini top is perfect for those who love to be stylish under the sun. This bralette bikini is more for lounging, not for energetic activities. It can be paired with matching polka dot bottoms that can also be found at Target for a relatively cheap price of $19.99.  

Ribbed Strappy Bralette Bikini 

For the best amount of coverage, this basic black bikini top with cheetah print straps is ideal. This trendy bikini can be paired with any type of black bottoms or with the matching black and cheetah print bottom featured on Target’s website. As an added bonus, the bikini top has adjustable straps and is $14.99. 

Colorblock One Piece 

This color-blocked one-piece swimsuit is a must-have for those who enjoy vibrant colors. The front of this unique one-piece gives the illusion of a two-piece bikini due to the cutout design. With its orange and pink tones, the suit gives off a warm summer vibe for only $29.99. However, this one-piece is not suggested for anyone looking for full top and bottom coverage. 

Scoop Neck Bralette Bikini 

The multicolored bralette bikini top is a universal piece of swimwear to add to your collection for its versatility and retro look. It has thick, supportive straps which are reliable when participating in water activities. Paired with the matching multicolored bottoms, or any basic white bikini bottoms, this suit will leave you feeling confident and comfortable for just $14.99. 

Textured Shoulder Tie Triangle Bikini

For a classic look, this $17.99 light blue triangle bikini top is a no-brainer. This bikini is simple but also peculiar because the shoulder straps come styled in a beautiful bow. This piece can be paired with matching light blue or white bottoms, also available at Target. While this bikini is cute and comfortable, if you are looking for more coverage, this top is not the way to go.