National Honor Society Welcomes 46 New Members


Screenshot courtesy of NHS

Dr. Joshua Porter, principal, and executive members of National Honor Society, say the NHS pledge to conclude the Nov. 11 induction ceremony. Due to COVID-19, the event was held virtually to introduce new NHS members and the executive board.

46 newly inducted members put their right hand up to say the NHS pledge, inducting them into the National Honor Society at an induction ceremony on Nov. 11 via Zoom.

National Honor Society is a nation-wide organization that promotes four pillars: scholarship, service, character, and leadership. The BOHS NHS chapter accepts applications from sophomores with a 3.2 GPA or higher from their Spring semester report card from the previous year. 

For this year’s NHS Induction Ceremony, all members submitted a profile photo to create a slideshow with the names and photos of all members. Then, in the ceremony held over Zoom, NHS executive members — seniors Sophia Hobby, Allison Fong, Danielle Reagins, and McKenna Grigoli  — gave short speeches about each inducted member.

Due to COVID-19, many school events are virtual, including the NHS Induction Ceremony. Fong said that an advantage is the personalized experience of a picture and speech for each member. However, Fong said that the disadvantage of Zoom was the lack of face-to-face congratulations from families and friends.

One of the new inductees, Andrew La, sophomore, felt that although the ceremony was virtual, it was “very special.” La said, “I really appreciate the current NHS members for writing personalized individual speeches.”

Curtis Ahn, junior, agreed with La and said, “I liked how even though we did not meet in person, it still felt like we were in person and were being congratulated for our hard work.”

The yearly tradition was different this year, but new NHS members like Ahn and La appreciate the opportunity to have an official induction.

“We don’t get to do symbolic traditions such as bringing all the members, new and old, to the stage to stand side-by-side and recite our pledge,” senior Sophia Hobby, NHS president, said.  “However, it is amazing that we’ve found a safe way to formally praise the students in an official way. The students deserve to be publicly recognized for their accomplishment.”

New National Honors Society members:

  • Curtis Ahn
  • Alexis Alexander
  • Melea Altermatt
  • Madison Berchtold
  • Owen Chau
  • Darbie Chiles
  • Joshua Cho
  • Isaac Cho
  • Caitlyn Chou
  • Ellie Chou
  • Alice Chung
  • Austin Covey
  • Dakota Covey
  • Samantha Dizon
  • Briana Edmonds
  • Anwei Forgues
  • Jonathan Furumizo
  • Michael Galentine
  • Preston Giang
  • Nolan Guss
  • Zachary Hirose
  • Pauline Kang
  • Sohee Kim
  • Christina Kim
  • Doyon Kim
  • Irene Kim
  • Enzo La
  • Andrew La
  • Jinhee Lee
  • David Lee
  • Hannah Lee
  • David Lim
  • Zachary Linder
  • Gwen Maddox
  • Brooklyn Mercado
  • Kathryn Ng
  • Kendra Painter-Haye
  • Rebecca Park
  • Alison Park
  • Ishwari Patel
  • Hannah Ro
  • Lauren Sanchez
  • Ryan Seidl
  • Monirath Veakrakmann
  • Isabel Viramontes
  • Jason Wang