A ‘Can’did Competition For Families in Need

Annual canned food drive nets 3,883 donations; sophomores lead the way with 1500 donations.


Claire Seo

Claire Seo, sophomore, donates cans to her designated class box in front of the BOHS office. The sophomore class collected a total of 1,500 cans, the most out of all the classes.

In the annual BOHS Clash of the Classes, students, teachers, and staff competed to collect the most canned food goods for the Feed Brea Pop-Up Pantry.

This year, BOHS students donated a total of 3,883 cans. The sophomores class collected the most, with 1,500 cans, and was named the winner of this year’s Clash of the Classes competition.

Due to the shutdown of BOUSD schools and social distancing measures due to COVID-19, this year’s canned food donations were received through a drive-thru from Nov. 30 to Dec. 11 where students could drop off their goods in designated boxes in front of the main office.

Allison Fong, ASB President, feels that “it [is] important for our campus to recognize that there are people out there who are struggling,” especially those affected by the pandemic.

Fong acknowledged that, due to the pandemic, not as many cans were collected this year than in past years when it wasn’t unusual to have over 1,000 cans donated by each class. However, Fong is “definitely seeing more donations than initially expected.”

Although the number of donations is smaller than usual, Kara Dietz, Activities Co-Director, encouraged students to donate even a single can because “every single donation makes a difference.”