May 15 Prom to Be ‘Astronomically’ Different


Photo Illustration by Charlize Chiang, Alexis Alexander

Saturday’s prom, “A Night Under the Stars” will take place in a transformed quad. The event is open to both seniors and juniors with tickets selling for $50 each.

Starlight will illuminate the quad as juniors and seniors make unforgettable memories at the ASB-organized “A Night Under The Stars” prom event on Saturday.

Tickets for the event, which lasts from 7:30 to 10 p.m. are available to both seniors and juniors for $50 and can be purchased at the Activities window or on the Wildcat WebStore

Senior nominees for Prom Queen include Sophia Akinboro, Sophia Hobby, Chloe Imperiali, Kami Klapp, Malena Weiseth, and Emma Wilder; and seniors Adan Alvarez, Branson Duncan, Luke Fierro, Anthony Sanchez, and Mathew Vrablik will vie for the Prom King honor. 

Those attending prom will be able to vote through the 5-Star app for all eleven nominees starting May 10, with voting closing before the night begins.

“It’s gonna be different since it’s gonna be on campus,” Kara Dietz, Co-Activities Director, said. “There’s going to be lighting, and a professional company — N-Effect — is coming to transform the campus.” 

Dietz is looking forward to creating a memorable time for students to have “something fun to look back on.” 

Dancing will be prohibited throughout the night due to COVID protocols. Pam Valenti, Co-Activities Director stated that, “We follow all the guidelines to help ensure the safety of our students. While this will not be the same as prom in years past, I am glad that the [California Department of Public Health] regulations opened up enough for us to give our students an opportunity to have a ‘fancy’ night.”

“I think it is very cool that we are having a prom this year and I’m happy they found [a way] to make it happen,” Alvarez said.

Fierro is looking forward to having the opportunity to “make more memories with my friends before graduation,” he said.

Hobby is “thrilled” to go to the prom, saying that she has “very little concern,” believing that the school has “done a great job at finding unique ways to have fun and make memories while following the safety guidelines.”

Students will not be allowed to bring guests from other schools as dates. Masks will have to be worn at all times, and social distancing between tables will be enforced. Students can expect food and drink stations including pizza, tacos, and coffee, with music and live performances throughout the night. 

Vrablik said, “After such a tough time with abnormal school, having prom is one thing the senior class can do that is ‘normal.’”

Gracie Johnson, junior and ASB president, is “happy to be able to at least host a prom for the seniors so they could have one special night after all they’ve missed out on!”