The Wildcats’ Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide


Charlize Chiang

Looking for last-minute gifts for the friends and family in your life? Well, the Wildcat has your back.

This year, the holidays are more than just staying home and eating dinner with family; it’s about reconnecting and reuniting with those who we couldn’t see last Christmas because of COVID-19 restrictions.

Knowing what to shop for may have been a challenge in 2020 due to closed malls, but now that stores have fully reopened, this holiday season can be filled with gift shopping for friends and family. 

With the endless variety of gift options, you may be struggling to find a specific present for your loved ones. Well, the Wildcats’ got your back. 

For Trendsetting Teens 

With trends always changing, it can be hard to keep up. From clothes to room decorations, here are the current trends that can be gifted to teenagers this holiday. 

  • Know someone who needs to step up their comfortable fashion? The Fuzzy-Line Shoe Collection by Crocs will keep your friends’ feet warm during the holiday season, while also providing the comfort that they might need while lounging at home.
  • The Comfy — a blanket/hoodie combo — is an essential garment that every teenager needs while sitting on their desks and doing homework. Not only does it provide warmth and comfort, but it feels like a blanket is cuddling them.
  • Having a sunset lamp can allow someone to experience the sunset no matter what time of day in the comfort of their own room. The lamp projects a soft, warm light onto walls to replicate a sunset, creating a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. 
  • Hair claw clips make getting hair out of the face quick and easy and can be used to spice up any outfit. 
  • Music Plaques are a well-known item on TikTok. The custom glass plaque has the print of a Spotify code and the image of the album is printed on the front to replicate a playing song. 

Gifts for the Boys

Studies show that finding a gift for men is often challenging because they are usually unaware of what they might want or have difficulty asking for them. But gifting them any on-trend clothes or jewelry might be enough to make them happy for this holiday season, while also adding more variety to their closet.  

  • During this cold holiday season, a Carharrt beanie is a perfect gift. Known for the simplicity of its beanies, Carhartt beanies are a fashion staple for many–to streetwear enthusiasts, to those who dress comfortably, to anyone who’s having a bad hair day. 
  • Now that people can go to sports stadiums and cheer for their favorite teams in person, getting them a sports jersey of their favorite team and player can put them in the sport spirit.
  • Nike Sportswear Club Fleece is a closet staple for boys. The sweatpants provide comfort, quality, and style for the everyday look.
  • This chain necklace from Macy’s is one of the best ways to spice up any outfit. With its hypoallergenic, tarnish-resistant material, it requires no special care for it to last a long time.  

Best Gifts for Under $20

On a tight budget? Check out these items for under $20.

  • With mask mandates being reinforced in indoor settings, it’s never a bad idea to take the safe route and get someone a reusable face mask. With cloth face masks coming in so many different designs and prints, choosing the right one should never be a problem.
  • Gifting a humidifier to someone is more of a self-care essential than one might think. It comes with a multitude of benefits including aiding dry skin, respiratory symptoms, and with essential oils, it can help with anxiety.
  • No one would say “no” to an Insulated tumbler with a metal straw. Just add coffee or tea and the drink is ready to go! Since it can also keep the drink cool or hot, there’s no need to rush to take those perfect-temperature sips. 
  • IKEA tote bags are not just the basic canvas tote bags but they can be transformed into a backpack, leaving room for convenience and flexibility with how one might want to carry their items. 

Gifts for Tech Loving Teens

There’s always someone who’s on their phones 24/7 or just loves technology in general, whether for fun or doing work. Here are some ideas for the tech-geeks. 

  • Know anyone who constantly takes pictures of everything? A disposable camera is the perfect gift. Disposable cameras are single-use cameras that capture pictures in retro-style. Because they allows people to live in the moment without having to worry about how the pictures turned out until the film has been developed.
  • TikTok and social media have become one of the most influential creativity outlets in everyone’s lives. Gifting someone a phone tripod can allow them to film TikToks, take pictures, and record videos without having to rest their phones in any risky areas where it might fall and break.
  • Everyone likes to listen to music. These JBL Clip 3 bluetooth speakers are perfect for those who enjoy physical activities and also love blasting music. With the clip that the speakers come with, it can make listening to music more convenient as it can attach to any backpack or beach bag strap. 
  • Mini projectors can bring movie theaters into someone’s own room. Just plug in a few adapters and you’ve got themselves a huge screen projected onto their blank wall.  Because it is “mini”, you can take it anywhere, anytime. 

Gifts for the Parents 

Finding the perfect gift to show appreciation to your parents can be tricky, but here are some items that parents might like.

  • A ”Best Mom”/Best Dad” mug will warm their hearts during this extra-cold holiday season.
  • Parents are always drinking coffee in the morning, so an insulated coffee mug with a handle will allow them to safely transport their drink and keep it warm for hours. 
  • Some parents can be particular with leaving a cold drink on the wooden tables. Marble coasters solve this problem. They look great, and, will prevent staining of wooden tables.
  • Gas prices have been increasing the past seven months, so a gift card from your parents’ preferred gas station will help parents save money. 
  • If they drink tea on a daily basis, getting them a tea infuser in the shape of a kitten can allow them to drink loose leaf tea in an easy, stylish way. 

Can’t Forget the Holiday-Themed Gifts!

The holidays this year should be filled with festive gifts, food, and laughs. These holiday-themed gifts will set the vibe of any party. 

  • Getting matching family Christmas pajama sets with your family is a wholesome way to bond and take memorable family pictures. 
  • During the holiday season, it sure can get chilly. Heatable blankets are lifesavers for those who constantly complain about the cold weather. 
  • Gifting a mug can never go wrong–not when there’s a three-dimensional Santa Claus waiting at the bottom of the mug for them as they finish their drink. 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the items on the shelves when shopping for holiday gifts. This holiday gift guide from the Wildcat has got you covered. 

Happy Holidays, Wildcats!