12 Wildcats to Compete For Brea Idol Title


Isabella Abalos

Jaden Rios, senior, practices with his band in preparation for opening night of Brea Idol on Friday. Brea Idol is an annual talent competition hosted by the choir program.

From musicians to magicians, BOHS’s top entertainers will compete for the title of Brea Idol on Friday evening in the PAC.

Brea Idol is an annual competition hosted by Chamber Choir that showcases students’ talents. In previous competitions, categories ranged from solo singing to bands, but this year, all twelve contestants will compete in a single category for the first place trophy.

“Brea Idol is one of the few experiences that we have on campus where anyone from our school can share their talents and skills with the [student body],” Chamber Choir co-president Connor Dapkus, senior, said.

The event returns after a one-year hiatus due to cancellation caused by COVID-19. “Because of the pandemic, performing arts as a whole couldn’t perform, so it’s nice to see everything becoming slightly normal again. I’m excited for Brea Idol because I get to watch my peers perform, show off their talents, and to see the overall winner,” Masquerade member Rebecca Park, junior, said.

The show gives BOHS’s aspiring performers, like freshmen Alicia Montano, who is performing “All I Can Do Is Cry” by Etta James, to demonstrate their talents on stage. “I love to sing, it’s always been my passion,” Montano said.

Even though Chamber Choir is in charge of producing Brea Idol, the competition showcases the talents of students who may not be involved in the performing arts program. “I want students to have a chance to showcase talents that they may not have an outlet for on campus,” Choir Director Molly Gooch, said.

Anjin Teal, junior, who will perform “Turning Tables” by Adele, said, “I love how there are students that are also outside of choir so I get to see more people with different creative outlets. We all get to bond together in the show.” Although Teal is also looking forward to her own performance, she acknowledged, “[Seeing other acts] is always the most exciting part for me.”

As contestants prepare for Brea Idol, excitement is building up on campus as to who tomorrow night’s winner will be, as judging will be based on a score sheet with multiple categories.

Tickets are available on sale on the United Choirs of Brea website, or at the door for ten dollars. Funds from ticket sales support the event’s host, Chamber Choir, to travel “to festivals and share our music with the world,” Dapkus said.

The show will begin at 7 p.m. in the PAC.