Class of 2021: Walking the Path to Success


Rachel Lim

The Brick Path Legacy project names all the graduates of the Class of 2021. The project, planned by the Grad Nite Booster Club, was made to honor BOHS alumni that graduated during the pandemic.

In a triangular shape, bricks floor a segment of the quad under the Senior tree with individual names of the Class of 2021 graduates engraved on each block.

The Grad Night Booster Club– a group of parents that plan and fundraise for senior events– planned the Class of 2021’s Brick Path Project in Jan. 2021, and after approval, installation of the bricks was concluded on May 25.

Every graduating class of BOHS leaves a Legacy project or class gift on campus. In past years, projects included a class bench, water bottle filling station, and locks on the fences up the driveway to the school campus. The Class of 2021 project is the “only project dedicated to a whole class that has every graduate’s name on it,” Brylee Denbo, former ASB president, said.

The bricks were laid in a triangular shape to represent the resilience of the Class of 2021 since any weight (like the COVID-19 pandemic) placed on a triangle is evenly distributed between all three sides. The bricks also represent Greek ideology furthering wisdom, which is the pathway for BOHS graduates that continue their professional and academic journey.

Class of 2021 graduates like Logan Khan feel proud of the completion of the project as they leave a footprint at the high school as alumni. “I think it’s great they added the bricks for the class. I’m happy that our class has a place on campus, despite the fluidity of the [COVID-19] situation [and] traditional events were modified,” he said.   

The Grad Nite Booster Club lays out the bricks to fit in a triangle shape. With assistance from the BOUSD Maintenance, Operations, Transportation team, the Booster Club picked out the vendor for the bricks, brick color, and location for the project. (Courtesy of Christine Denbo (mother of Brylee Denbo))

“As much as the Class of 2021 missed their senior events, this was a great way to honor them and let them know they are always part of the school,” Pam Valenti, Activities Director, said.

The Grad Night Committee and the BOUSD Maintenance Department worked collaboratively throughout the duration of the project to ensure all protocols were followed. To prevent trip hazards, installation required an area that would have the least amount of concrete lifting.

Parents worked together to cover all the funds for the project, and organized the sourcing and customization of each brick. “The parents worked through every challenge to make this project happen, and for that I am appreciative,” Dr. Joshua Porter, principal, said. 

Jeff Ferrato, Administrative Director of Facilities, Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation, helped to approve this project and finalized the decision to install the bricks under the Senior tree. He hopes that the Class of 2021 will visit the site for years to come and “have a smile on their face when they find their name and their fellow classmates’ names,” he said.

To fund the project, the Booster Club “flocked” people’s homes across Brea with colorful flamingos as a fundraiser, Christine Denbo, president of the Grad Night Booster Club, said. There was also a silent auction, clothing drive, and t-shirt fundraiser to cover the costs for the brick pathway project and a Grad Night. 

Christine Denbo said, “The support was overwhelming, and our crew was beyond amazing and willing to pitch in to make anything and everything possible for these kids.”

Unlike other seniors who had their typical high school experience year in-person, the Class of 2021 went through the entire 2020-2021 school year in distance and hybrid learning. Seniors didn’t have school events, dances, in person classes, rallies, football games, playing in sports, senior seasons, and Senior Sunrise was in individual cars.

The Booster Club dedicated this special project to the Class of 21’, and said, “This pandemic will certainly be in the history books and what better way for our seniors to leave their mark in history at their own high school. What a great way for them to feel special at a time that’s rather dark.” 

Aileen Kim (‘21) felt “honored to be named alongside of the most hardworking and dedicated individuals [she’s] ever known,” she said. Even though seniors had hybrid learning for the last half of the school year, Kim had “no regrets” because “as a class, [they] tried to the best of our abilities to make the most out of it,” she said.