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Diving Into The Marías’ Latest Single, ‘Run Your Mouth’

Album art for L.A.-based indie rock band The Marias latest release, SUBMARINE. (themarias / Instagram)
Album art for L.A.-based indie rock band The Marias latest release, SUBMARINE. (themarias / Instagram)

If the beauty and mystery of the ocean were a song, the result might be The Marías’ latest single, “Run Your Mouth.”

“Run Your Mouth,” released on March 7, is the first track from the L.A.-based indie band’s upcoming album, SUBMARINE.  

The Marías, a Grammy-nominated band consisting of María Zardoya (lead vocals and song writer), Josh Conway (drums), Jesse Perlman (guitar), and Edward James (keyboard), is known for blending jazz percussion and pop rhythms, and singing in both English and Spanish, which earned them online traction with their 2018 hit single “Cariño” and led to collaborations with Puerto Rican artists Bad Bunny and Young Miko. 

“Run Your Mouth” submerges listeners into an ocean of emotions.

“I wrote this song in one of my moods when I just didn’t wanna talk and wanted everyone around me to just leave me alone,” Zardoya said of the single on Twitter. 

Against a backdrop of dreamy pop rhythms, Zardoya sings of her tendency to run away from conflict. She sings of isolation and vulnerability in lines like, “Rather sit around, don’t need another lesson,” and with melancholy in “I know that I could never get away from you / Yeah, I’ll wait for you to turn around and talk it through / But we won’t.” These lamentations are juxtaposed with the bounce of Perlman’s guitar, an upbeat synthesizer, and Zardoya’s lilting voice, which shifts through pop and hip hop-influenced rhythms.

SUBMARINE, the band’s first album since their studio debut CINEMA in 2021, drops May 31. The album, according to Zardoya, is meant to represent a person’s mental state that feels suffocating, as if underwater. “95 percent of the waters have yet to be explored, and I think the same is true about our minds and emotions,” Zardoya said on Instagram

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