Time Capsule Marks 30th Anniversary of Wildcat Way Campus


Isabella Abalos

Irene Kim, Grace Johnson, Allison Fong, Savannah Schlottach reveal the time capsule’s memorabilia. The time capsule contained several items that represented BOHS’s school spirit and achievements.

The Wildcat cheer team lined both sides of the audience to welcome spectators to the time capsule ceremony, and a table decorated with student-made memorabilia sat upon the stage set in front of the Wildcat statue. On the afternoon of December 10, 2019, people from all over the Brea community gathered to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the 789 Wildcat Way campus with a time capsule exhibition.

In the few weeks leading up to the ceremony, Kara Dietz, Skills for Success teacher, originator of the time capsule project, worked with faculty, administration, and ASB, to curate a collection of over 60 keepsakes unique to this school year.

Emily Allen, ASB president, said, “It helped me realize that there are so many people who make Brea, Brea, and it helped me learn more about people and their impact here.”

The time capsule, buried in an undisclosed location on campus, will be unearthed in 2049.

Brad Mason, BOUSD superintendent, shared the history of BOHS and the development of its two campuses throughout the past century. He also took time to acknowledge notable members of the audience, such as BOHS alumni and members of the City Council and the School Board.

Dietz (’93) had a unique connection to the campus which she expressed in her speech: “My first year of high school was in 1989 when this campus opened, so this community and campus are near and dear to my heart, so I wanted to do something special to commemorate 30 years of Wildcat memories.”