Our Voices Can Make a Difference

Young or old, change is on the horizon. During times of crisis it’s important to remain educated on the changing conditions of our planet. Regardless of age, we must push for tangible change both in government/corporations and in our day to day lifestyles, it’s up to us to demand action as well as take action; after all, the fate of humanity depends on it.

WE ALL WANT TO BE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY, and when it comes to the climate, this is our chance.

Decisions have to be made, because not taking action is an action in and of itself. To stand idly by and watch the world burn — both figuratively and literally — will be remembered as wicked and cowardly, if there is anyone here to remember us at all.

“How dare you [steal] my dreams and my childhood with your empty words,” Greta Thunberg, 16-year old climate activist, accuses. Thunberg spoke at the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York on Sept. 23, exclaiming outrage and disappointment in those countries and corporations that place profits before the health of our planet.

Thunberg helped organize a Global Climate Strike from Sept. 20 to 27. These protests have engaged more than 170 countries with 7.6 million people demanding tangible climate action.

Orange County hosted seven climate strikes, one of them in Brea on Sept. 20 on Brea Blvd. Many participating in these strikes are young adults who echo Thunberg in her demand for action.

If we — the student body of BOHS — do not make significant strides to change the way we consume, the way we travel, the way we use energy, then we are complicit in the destruction of our planet.

You don’t have to speak at the United Nations to make a difference. Changes in diet, using public transportation, biking to school, or using fossil fuel alternatives (such as solar panels), are just some of the small steps that make a difference.

Students making these changes in lifestyles to help battle climate change are also reaching out to local and national governments demanding action. Students have filed lawsuits against the Federal Government (i.e. Juliana v. United States) for threatening younger generations right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” threatened by this climate crisis.

The Wildcat is asking the BOHS student body to be loud, be persistent, be heard. Take time to evaluate lifestyle choices and whether they benefit or harm the environment; reach out to local or national politicians to inquire if they’re part in fighting this climate emergency; participate in protests on- and off-line. In other words join this revolution and be on the right side of history.