Mochinut Dessert Craze Hits Orange County


Vanessa Jo

A half dozen mochinut desserts ready to be devoured. The mochi/donut hybrid is a specialty of the Mochinut chain, which has locations in Buena Park and Irvine.

I recently became hooked on a new dessert the moment I took a bite: the crispy and chewy Mochinut. Mochinut is the combination of two popular snacks: mochi, which originated in Japan, and the traditional American donut. 

The Mochinut chain is gaining popularity on social media and through word of mouth due to its clever and delicious twist on mochi and donuts.   

The ingredients in the mochinut dessert are both simple and sweet. The mochinut is baked just like a regular donut, but has a soft and squishy mochi texture on the inside. (Mochi is sweet and chewy, gluttonous rice.) The shape of the mochinut is also slightly different from a traditional donut, with multiple circular balls connecting to form a circle. The dessert is topped with various icings. 

I went to the closest Mochinut location in Source Plaza in Buena Park (the other OC location is in Irvine). Located at the food court on the highest floor of the plaza, the Mochinut space is very clean and well-organized with a giant purple banner at the very top labelled “Mochinut.” 

Large windows provide views of the tasty and colorful mochinuts on display, arranged in rows by flavor. The choices available during my August visit were matcha, chocolate, vanilla, and taro with fruity pebbles. The options to order them are a half dozen or a full dozen.

The line was very long due to the popularity of the treat, but because of the efficiency of the staff, the line moved quickly. 

The mochinuts are always delicious and easy to eat without making a mess because of the balls that connect each other. Every bite is crispy at first, then chewy on the inside, because of the mochi. And as a bonus, their creative presentation is great for sharing pictures on social media.

Currently, there are six Mochinut locations in Orange and L.A. counties. The closest, in Buena Park, is located at 6924 Beach Blvd., in Source Plaza, in Buena Park.