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Five Songs for Five Types of Valentines

Culture Editor and Valentine’s Day lover Sofia Rodriguez recommends five songs for a variety of Valentine’s Day experiences.
Audrey Im
Culture Editor Sofia Rodriguez browses five picks for a diverse Valentine’s Day playlist.

On Valentine’s Day we celebrate the love in our lives differently — sentimentally, happily, romantically, or even cheesily. But finding a perfect song to dedicate to a significant other or to build a Valentine’s Day-themed playlist around can be a challenge. Here are five Wildcat-approved songs to meet any of your Feb. 14 music needs.

For the nostalgic, sentimental valentines.
“This Old Dog” by Mac DeMarco

Mac DeMarco gained online traction for his simplistic, heartstring-tugging releases. “This Old Dog” tells the story of extended devotion between two lovers as they grow old. It paints a picture of tender reassurance with DeMarco’s smooth, unhurried vocals and soft acoustic backing. Promises to the listener — “As long as my heart’s beating in my chest, this old dog ain’t about to forget” — are sweet declarations that revive the spirit of sentimental Valentine’s Day lovers. 

For the retro, fun-loving valentines.
“Your Love Song Pt. 2” by Hunny

“Your Love Song Pt. 2” functions as the ideal 2010s romance record. Heavy-handed lyrics slot perfectly against the electric guitar, reminiscent of radio pop-rock ballads. It’s cliche, but that’s what makes it so fun — this song is for a Valentine’s Day experience imitating cult-classic, cheesy rom-coms. For fans of 10 Things I Hate About You and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, this jumpy, electric guitar-filled track will fuel all your romantic idealizations.

For the adolescent, reassurance-needing valentines.
“Sweet Tooth” by Cavetown

The essence of adolescent adoration spills through this song. Cavetown balances insecure confessionals with desperate, lovestruck lyrics sung in childlike sincerity: “I like you — say it back.” This is the perfect teenage track because of how it embodies a nervous crush within the narrator’s pining. The chorus brings in heavier rock elements, bolstering the yearning nature of Cavetown’s imaginative song.

For the timeless, classic valentines.
“Romeo & Juliet” (Acoustic Version) by Peter McPoland

Almost everyone knows the universal love story of Romeo and Juliet. Peter McPoland takes the Shakespeare classic and spins it into a modern love story using throaty, sincere vocals. The acoustic version shifts away from the layered synth production of the original and instead turns into a more personalized love letter for the narrator’s “Juliet.” McPoland’s vulnerability builds against heart-wrenching, echoing guitar and piano, proving the track to be a timeless iteration of the original story.

For the carefree, free-spirited valentines.
“Window” by Still Woozy

Psychedelic bedroom pop” found its home in the songs of Still Woozy, and he wielded his genre expertise to build the romantic “Window” track. Upbeat verses transitioning into the stripped, tenderly-worded chorus create a song reminiscent of sunny spring days. By pulling experimental beats into a song filled with domestic and romantic declarations, Still Woozy sings a genre-defying track with flair. 

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About the Contributors
Sofia Rodriguez
Sofia Rodriguez, Culture Editor
Sofia Rodriguez, sophomore, is enthusiastic about her first year on staff as Culture Editor of the Wildcat. In addition to her involvement in journalism, Sofia plans to become an active student leader on campus by joining HOSA, Book Club, and NHS. Off campus, Sofia has dedicated her time to other philanthropic causes, including joining and serving in the National Charity League. When Sofia is not busy writing, she delves into fiction and poetry writing. An avid music lover, Sofia also collects vinyl and attends live concerts. 
Audrey Im
Audrey Im, Staff Writer
Audrey Im, freshman, is a member of Dance Production, the social media manager for the club Dream Catchers, and a staff writer for the Wildcat. In her free time, Audrey loves to shop, hang out with friends, and catch up on the newest episode of The Summer I Turned Pretty. She aspires to be a neurologist.
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