The Wildcat Asks: What are Your Post-High School Plans?


Photos courtesy of each student

(clockwise from top right) Seniors Lydia Park, Fatima Vazquez, Kami Klapp, Jeongrok Bae, Sophia Lim, and Joshua Yoon come to the end of their high school journeys, but look forward to fresh starts at colleges and universities throughout the West.

On College Day on May 27, BOHS seniors wore shirts and hoodies representing their post-high school college commitments. The Wildcat caught up with five of these seniors and asked them about what life will look like for them in the Fall.

Kami Klapp
Southern Oregon University
Major: Undecided
“I will be attending Southern Oregon university after high school on a softball scholarship for four years. I signed my letter of intent in November of 2020. Softball has always been a love of mine and once I got onto competitive travel teams, I knew I wanted to go somewhere out of state to play. Seeing how much support I had, gave me so much confidence to take my sport to the collegiate level.” (Photo courtesy of Kami Klapp)
Lydia Park
UC San Diego
Major: Computer Science
“[UCSD’s] program for my major is amazing and has a strong reputation in the tech industry. Throughout high school, I naturally gravitated towards coding-related clubs and internships and through these experiences, I grew passionate to use technology for the betterment of humanity. That’s why in college, I want to develop my skills and knowledge in computer science so I can ultimately work in the cybersecurity field.” (Photo courtesy of Lydia Park)



















Fatima Vazquez
University of Redlands
Major: Political Science
“After high school, I will attend the University of Redlands where I will major in political science. I fell in love with the campus and [the] welcoming atmosphere. I am interested in learning more about politics and our nation’s government, as well as relations to other countries. I want to educate myself so that I can educate others.”
Joshua Yoon
Stanford University 
Major: Science, Technology, and Society
“I plan to attend Stanford University [with] a major of Science, Technology, and Society and pursue a pathway in law. Stanford offers the unique experience of a highly competitive learning environment with opportunities to grow academically. Positioned next to Silicon Valley, Stanford’s location is a big factor for me as it exists at the heart of technological innovation. Being able to study the inner workings and impact of technology and science on society, I am able to learn how and why certain inventions and growth exist in the ever-expanding field of technology.” (Photo courtesy of Joshua Yoon)
Sophia Lim
UC Davis
Major: Anthropology
“The thing that made me decide to pursue Anthropology was during the SAT English practice portion in Khan Academy. One of the passages focused on a woman who pursued family relations in different households, interviewed those families, and put them in a book that she made using those answers along with some of her personal intakes on how families function. I always thought that I was made to help the community around me by being social support for them to lean on so when I saw that this woman was helping out the people around her through the work of Anthropology, [so] I decided to go for this major.” (Photo courtesy of Sophia Lim)




















Jeongrok Bae
UC Irvine
Major: Physics
“I decided to commit to UCI primarily because it is the closest school from my home; secondarily it has a competitive science program; and tertiarily UCI has shown me a great potential with its growth rate among other schools. A lot of people surely think that physics is a hard and weird subject to learn and I admit that fact. I was also challenged by the subject itself for the first time in my junior year, but as I learned more and more from the class, I felt some indescribable feeling that drove me to love the beauty of physics. It showed me the truth and the mechanism of this whole universe. Physics is hard but sufficiently worthy to learn more and to fall in love with it.” (Photo courtesy of Jeongrok Bae)